23 - 24 September 2022



Clothing, textile innovations
in sport and tourism

Sports fashion, design
in sports clothes

Devices and new technologies

Textiles, threads, materials

Production, machines, services, overprint

Nonwovens, fabrics, semi-finished products

New Technology Fair in Tomaszów Mazowiecki

Welcome to the textile fair organized by the city of Tomaszów Mazowiecki in the very heart of Poland in Łódź region, where most of Poland's textile industry is concentrated. It is in this area where hundreds of companies from textile sector are headquartered. The tradition of textile production in this region spans for centuries, and today it remains the most thriving region in Europe.

Our mission is to present you the potential of textile companies from Łódź region and to promote the cooperation between local companies and international partners.

The theme for the first edition of the event is new technologies in textile sector. Discussion panels, lectures and shows will be focused on new solutions in sportswear and travel accessories design and on showcasing the newest technologies in textile production.

The exhibitors will present fabrics, accessories and technology solutions.



exhibition space: 5000 m2

Top tourist attractions nearby

Tomaszów Mazowiecki is located in Łódź region in central Poland. Pilica river which flows through the city offers activities for watersports fans, nearby forests attract nature lovers, and the central location means all parts of Poland are within reach. Here is a list of top tourist attractions in Tomaszów Mazowiecki area.

Sulejowski Reservoir

One of the largest bodies of water in central Poland, this artificial lake was created by building a dam on the Pilica river, and offers great opportunities for waterside activities: beaches, sailing, kayaking and bike tourism.

River Pilica open-air museum

This open-air museum exhibits wooden buildings, WW2 military vehicles and artifacts related to the region's biggest river, Pilica.

Niebieskie źródła Nature Reserve, Tomaszów Mazowiecki

A nature reserve protecting multiple species of birds. Its name means "Blue Springs" in Polish and comes from the blue color of its exceptionally clear waters. Enjoyed best on a sunny day.

Groty Nagórzyckie, Tomaszów Mazowiecki

Though they do look like they were created by nature, the caves and passages were actually made by local peasants while mining sand. Nowadays the caves can be enjoyed on a guided underground tour.

Kazimierz Wielki Castle, Inowłódz

A medieval castle built in 13th century by one of Poland's greatest monarchs, Kazimierz the Great, destroyed during Swedish invasion in 1655. Currently the castle is partially restored and open for visiting.

Sw. Idzi church, Inowłódz

A medieval, romanesque-style church of św. Idzi (Saint Giles), one of the oldest brick churches in Poland. Its prominent spire can be admired in many Polish films, and the church itself is a popular choice for weddings.


Spała is a picturesque town well worthy of a full-day's visit. Spała is home to Polish Central Sports Complex where Polish top sport performers train, and there are several nature reserves just outside the town.